Sunday, April 27, 2014

2/24/10 Returning

So.  It’s taken a long time to be able to return here.  Before it has simply been unthinkable.  Now, it just brings tears.  Just the name we gave it, “The StensrudFamily”, is hard to read.  Still, I’m keeping it the same as I left it for now so that all of those who haven’t been here before will know what it was.  Redoing it feels equivalent to taking down the nursery - heartbreaking.  This was for her.  We bought this Apple laptop only after the 20 week ultrasound that assured us all was fine, and I went to all those classes to learn how to use it (and build this site) strictly to be able to share her with our family and friends.   To come back here without her....
My plan has been to use one of our 99 pictures of her for upcoming entries but I don’t want to before the birth/death announcements are sent, and something somber and serene felt more appropriate.  This photo was taken behind our home, down at the creek. 

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