Sunday, April 27, 2014

12/15/10 Happy Birthday, Little One

Thank you friends and family, for making Anna’s birthday a true Event.   A satisfying one at that, as much as such a thing could be.   Brad and I didn’t know what to expect, but it surpassed what we’d dared hope, I think.   We had unexpected visitors, 2 bouquets of flowers, a cookie bouquet, a number of remembrance gifts, and countless cards, emails, voicemails and texts.  Many people shared experiences and conversations generated by the buttons and bracelets, or simply let us know they were wearing them (often with pride and purpose, which was great.)  We could not have felt more loved, could not have wanted more for our little girl.  Your outpouring of expression in honoring and remembering Anna... nothing could mean more to us.   ‘Thank you’ seems so paltry in comparison to the depth of gratitude and relief we feel.  YOU made her birthday special.   Thank you so much.
Family stayed throughout much of the evening (thank you Brian, Scott, Lynn, Amelia and Alexa), and earlier in the day we had an impromptu ceremony in which those present lit a candle, set it in a cupcake they had decorated, and talked about what they miss or wish or just needed to say.   The moments leading up to that ceremony were the most emotional of the day, after Brad broke down after taking pictures of the cake and birthday items on the table before we began.  So not the pictures we wanted on her first birthday.   The ‘ceremony’ was indescribably sad, but also...needed.  Appropriate.  Something formal with which to hang a memory on in the future, so we could say ‘We did this on her birthday’.  
It seems there is more to say, but it’s now late and I must go back to work tomorrow.  So for now, good night.   Again...thank you for making Anna’s day everything we didn’t even know we needed it to be.   You really are the very best.  We are very lucky people to have you all.

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