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April and May 2014 are all posts transferred from my private blog, dating late 2009 through May 2013. They span our anticipation of Anna's arrival, the aftermath of her death, our experience with Emily through domestic adoption, and early months with Cate.

While there are and will be posts about life in general, it's purpose is a personal outlet to process life without our first girl.  Our journey of grief, ongoing.  Always ongoing.
It is for anyone who has come here because they too have lost a child, and are searching for others who might be living the same hell.  Because hell is damn lonely - it's best shared with friends.
I have been lucky enough to find an incredible tribe of women through blogging, all of whom have lost a child, and without whom I don't quite know who I'd be or how I'd manage.  

If you are a mama without a beloved child in your arms, I so deeply hope you too find your tribe.
I encourage you to read the posts of April & May 2014.  Particularly the following…
3/2/10 Icebergs
3/27/10 Slipping Gears
4/12/10 The Rest of the Story
4/30/10 2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back
5/24/10 When Looking Good Isn't Good
2/24/11 Perfect Girl, Crazy Girl
2/19/12 The Elevator

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