Sunday, April 27, 2014

10/11/09 Couples Shower

We had our first baby shower last night, hosted by a very good friend Julie met in her infertility support group.   Somehow two women who thought themselves barren had ‘spontaneous’ miracle pregnancies (well, not spontaneous like immaculate , but you know what we mean).   It was a casual but thoroughly wonderful celebration with some of Brad’s family (Grandpa Stensrud decided all the hubbub would be too much, but did a bang-up job shopping for cuddly sleepers!), neighbors, and friends.   True to form, Julie made us 5 minutes late and both our neighbors beat us there.   Classic.  We came home with a sea of pink clothing and some treasures bestowed upon us by the wiser people who know oh-so-much more than we do about what’s coming and are helping us not to learn the hard way.   We feel soooo blessed to be in this position, and had the greatest time! 

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