Sunday, April 27, 2014

12/1/09 Nearly 37 Weeks!!’s nearly time!   We decorated the house just after Thanksgiving so we’d have it all done before ‘anything’ stole our attention and energy.   You’ll see in the picture above a little green ornament that looks like a pea pod - our first new baby ornament!   It was maybe a small but significant moment when we placed it on the tree.   She’s certainly getting bigger and we’re getting anxious to meet her.   I still think she’s going to be a relative giant compared to her cousin born at just under 5 pounds.   
Brad is counting down the days ‘til he’s ‘employment-free’, though still actively pursuing what leads he can for future work.  We trust it will all work out as it should.  Meanwhile, his schedule is pretty flexible these days which helps for all the meet-a-pediatrician and OB appointments.   
We’re expecting one of my closest friends and goddaughter to visit from AZ this weekend, and my parents arrive next weekend for the duration!    Holy moly!   Next entry will probably be the get ready to be barraged with photos that look like every other newborn you’ve seen.   (But, so what?!  Yaaaaayyy!) 


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