Sunday, April 27, 2014

11/2/09 32 Weeks & Counting

Get a load of that b-e-l-l-y!!!   I mean, that is pregnant!   It looks so weird even to the girl carrying it around all the time.   So. Unbelievable.  Our cat Grace seems totally unfazed by the protrusion, even when getting bumped around.  She’s just happy to be held, no matter the terrain. (Note the KISS ad on the fridge.  We’re going to see them in concert this Saturday - smack in the middle of our birth class weekend.  Wish all 3 of us luck!   Brad is a huge fan, for those of you who don’t know, so we couldn’t pass up the tour.)
Things got very real this last week when they checked to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid, which more than likely would have meant we’d have a baby by now.  I wasn’t, but we got to have an extra ultrasound to check things out and guess what?  Our she’s-gonna-be-bald-til-at-least-two little girl has hair!  Hair!  So now we’re ultra curious to see if she’s Daddy blond or Mommy brown.   Brad has been laying his head on her once in awhile to listen and feel her move - I think he’s having a good time and has commented on her power (if only I could hand her off for a few hours so he could r-e-a-l-l-y get a sense of it!   He’d be amazed.)  
A few of you have asked about names, and no, we STILL don’t have one.  The middle name is done but we’re struggling with the first.  Friends of ours with a 3 week old said they had a name picked out but “it wasn’t her” after they met her, so they sat with the baby under the white board at the hospital for an hour staring at her and 3 new names ‘til they picked one just as they walked out the door.  That could be us! 
Thanks to those of you who have posted comments, they’re so fun to read!   I have no idea if we can reply to them individually yet...I’ll have to ask at the next class.  So, sorry if you ask questions and don’t get an answer right away.  Doesn’t mean we don’t care, we promise!   Thanks for being interested enough to check out the site, we’ll try to keep people up-to-date as best we can with all the momentum of the holidays and everything.  Good luck with it all yourselves, and enjoy the season!

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