Sunday, May 4, 2014

8/10/11 Maine-bound

Well.  Now that my godson has arrived and we are not awaiting a birth or decision by any birthfamily... I’m outta here.
Off to Maine I go.  Car camping, hiking, musing, strolling, exploring, sans husband, for 9 days.   A favorite personal trip and one I will have done four times now on my own since 2003.   I made it to Acadia Nat’l Park once but spent just one day.  Enough to get a rough lay of the land and hike a peak but not enough to really take it in.   This time, I’ll have 3 days.  The others will be divided between a visit to my friend in Vermont, some casual exploration days of cities I’ve driven by but not explored (Portsmouth, Portland), and probably a little time in the outlet shops of Freeport, home of LL Bean.   Or, if I don’t feel like shopping, I’ll get lost among the peninsulas and lobster wharfs along Casco and Penobscot Bays.   (Which, let’s face it, would be a better option given the status of the stock market these days.)
A friend of mine voiced concern over my being alone if I have a bad emotional day there.  To which I had to stifle a “HA!”.   What better place to be than if the weight of the last two (okay, 5 1/2) years - or just some of the events therein - bust their way out??  I’ve got the ocean, I’ve got physical exertion and some actual altitude to climb in a stunning venue, and I’ve got fresh lobster.   Plus the freedom to go where the wind blows me, do what my spirit desires in the moment, even if it’s just reading in my tent.  Ahhh.   Not that the arms of my hubby isn’t my very favorite place on earth, but New England is a close second.  
Bon voyage, my friends!    

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