Sunday, May 4, 2014

2/6/11 Out of the Mouths...

Yesterday my friend’s two little girls came over to pawn some Girl Scout Cookies (a fine endeavor resulting in the ultimate addictive fake food ever - The Thin Mint).   As darling as they are precocious, after about 20 minutes they inevitably began to get bored and wondered what every child assumes about people our age. 
7 year old:  “Where are your kids?”        I don’t have any kids.   
A few minutes later, the 5 year old:  “Where is your daughter?”    She’s in heaven.   There was an accident when she was born.
“Oh.   Oh yeah....because she wasn’t born at the right time.”   (Good job explaining, Laurie)
7 year old:  But you’re handling it pretty well.   (Again, good job Laurie.  Oh but aren’t they a lesson in how you never know when you’ll hear your own words come right out their mouth.  How careful, how important those tender discussions are.) 
5 year old: “I wish you could just have, like, two kids.  And they would be born at the right time.”   Five second pause as she fiddles with the kitchen chair -  “And then you could have a daughter.”
Yes.  Me too.   I wish that too.

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