Sunday, May 11, 2014

2/26/12 A Little Help From My Friends

Over the last couple of years I’ve perused many, many blogs and websites of others who have lost a child, are adopting, are using donor eggs to have children, or are just friends of mine that I’m keeping up on.   Almost all of them have links to other sites they are keeping up on.  And hence I traverse the wide world through the mysterious web to find others who might feel what I’m feeling, have the same fears and experiences as me, and who might shed some wisdom or comfort - or, if I’m really lucky - a laugh onto my day.
So I’m experimenting with this post, seeing if I can do the same.  Spread the wealth as it were, to a few blogs that I turn to.   Some of you may have noticed a comment from Brooke on a recent post, a gal who I’ve befriended in the last couple of months through the internet and who has become quite an important figure in my own experience as a woman getting through one day at a time, pregnant after a late-term loss.  Her posts are stunningly similar to my own thoughts/feelings/experiences, and she often says them with more humor, depth, and honest language than I do.   I fully plan on traveling to her city to meet her and her child at some point, should we both successfully give birth to live children this summer.   (Of course, haven’t mentioned that to her yet.  Brooke, too ‘stalker-ish’?)  : -)
I do this because many times I’m touched by the blogs I run across.  So many women, so many beloved babies missing from their scarred families.   Sometimes I get freaked out because jumping from one bereft woman’s blog to another can quickly support that notion that almost no one has a successful pregnancy and nearly all babies die at some point in utero.  So I go sparingly, these days.  Still.  There are two other women who are within a week of my own pregnancy, and I find great solace in knowing they are feeling the same as me, in almost every way.   The terrified and hurting seeing each other through, as it were.
I’ll keep adding blogs I like as I go.  Meanwhile, we’re taking it day by day!

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